Re: Toroid Design from 1/4" tubing

> Why not go with a tube frame scheme like Gregy Leyh used on Electrum (and
> Nikola did on Wardenclyffe, for that matter).  Light weight, good
> performance, etc. If you could find some nice soft, cheap aluminum tubing,
> it would be almost idea.
>  >>

I have done some experementing.  I made a 12" diameter sphere shape using
1/4" copper tubing.  I found I can not bend 1/2" tubing very easy into tight
radius but 1/4" tubing is no trouble at all.  I made several 1/4" tubing
circles each one a little smaller in diameter.  I bent the tubing around
anything I could find that was round, 1 gallon paint can, pvc pipes, bondo
can, V belt pully, wooden disk, soup can, glass jar, etc. and soldered the
ends together.  Soldered several circles together into a sphere shape. It
looks like a small version of the one on the Electrum.  It works and it
looks cool.  A 12" sphere shape made from tubing isn't going to work as well
as a smooth surface 12" sphere but it beats a 12" basket ball covered with
aluminum foil.

Gary Weaver