Re: Wire size

  Brian -

  There ia a graph showing secondary wire sizes vs power transformer wattage
(10 to 60000 watts)in my Tesla Coil Design Manual. There is also a graph
showing primary wire sizes vs power transformer wattage. There are a total
of 41 Graphs, Tables, and Schematics for Tesla coils in the Manual.

  John Couture


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>Original Poster: Brian Le Page <brian.le_page-at-virgin-dot-net> 
>Hi all
>Is there a guide anywhere as to what wire diameters are suitable for
>secondary windings at different power levels? I am thinking in the range
>of 2 to 10 KVA. I have an idea what is suitable in the sub 1 KVA range
>but I do not want to wind a secondary only to destroy it with too much
>Any pointers appreciated.
>Dr B.
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