Re: tesla coils


This may just be a confusion with a word that means something else where
you live but you say that your cap is in kerosene. I take that to mean
parafin, a fuel used in heaters etc. Am I mistaken about this because if
I am not it sounds somewhat unsafe.

Dr B.
Brian H Le Page, Ph.D, Fleet, England
'Scientific progress goes boink', Bill Watterson, 1991

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "James" <jhaycraft-at-nwfl-dot-net>
>  My tesla coil is finally working well. specs are :
> * 6in sec wound on thin wall pvc,25 in long #22
> * 40 nf plate cap in 5 gallon bucket in kerosene
> * "fixed load" pole transformer 12,000/110 .5KW, I've got it ballasted with
> 3 mot's in parallel
> * RQ spark gap in 6 in pipe with Rototron fan
> * 12 turn pri at 10 degrees (tunes at 9 turns)
> * 6 in X 20 in torrid
>    Corona is about 4 feet, direct arc about 5 to 6 feet.
> Boy, arcs and sparks are cool. Have blown up the cap 4 times now
> (depressing). Last time, the hole was the size of a quarter. killed 4 plates
> and insulator sheets. I haven't been able to get pictures of it in
> operation, But do have pictures of all the hardware.
>   Thanks one and all for the posts and sites with the necessary information
> to undertake this tesla coil project.
>                                                           James