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>>I was think about building one and covering it with old news
> papers and Plaster of Paris.  Sand it smooth with the electric sander then
> painting it with something that is conductive. The inside of the toriod will
> be hollow.  I was wondering if filling the toroid with large balls of
> aluminum foil would allow it to store up a larger charge.
> Gary Weaver

The inside of a spherical or toroidal discharge electrode has zero volts 
charge inside.  It does not matter whether you fill the inside with balls of 
aluminum foil or even with Greg Leyhs (see his web site for a good 
example), they will have no charge on them.  The surrounding electrode 
effectively shields them.  The Tesla coil does not see anything inside the 
toroid.  The outside, however is a different matter.  Hemispheres on the 
surface of a toroid just may increase the effective capacitance (Tesla 
constructed his largest top this way).

Bert Pool