Re[2]: NST Filter and Circuit Configuration?

For my NST filter, I made 250pF caps by stringing four 1000pF/10kV ceramic
in series and potting them in Bondo polyester resin.  I haven't tried them
yet, but I expect the potting will eliminate any arcing risk (assuming I
jumble up the cap leads during the potting process).  The filter uses two
cap assemblies; with a cap going from one of the NST secondaries to ground.  
Series 5k/120 Watt resistors and a safety gap complete the filter circuit.


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Subject: Re: NST Filter and Circuit Configuration? 
Author:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at Internet
Date:    12/16/98 2:02 AM

Original Poster: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-inquo-dot-net> 
Thanks for the comments Terry. I had located one you listed has having 
good filtering capabilities, however, the new circuit you refferenced 
seems a better choice.
In regard to the ohmite resistors you mentioned. Digi-key only lists low 
values for them. 500 ohm seems the highest, your circuit recomended 5k. 
They also list them as wirewound. Am I missing something? 
Do the capicitors need to be anything special? I found some at a local 
supply that are rated at .02 mfd 15KV and 47pf 25KV. The first is a small 
white tube and the later looks like a ceramic disc. That's about it for 
high voltage stuff. The ceramic disc looks like the leads are close enough 
to arc though.. Do you have a source for either part?