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<< Anyway, the FFT showed three peeks; one at 140
> KHz and 370 KHz and a braud one ate 560 KHz. The latter being the RF
> transformer.  About a month ago I posted the specs of the system.  Well in
> a magi system you want to tune the RF transformer to the resonance of the
> resonator which in this case is 200 KHz.  When I tried  and succeeded in
> getting peek at 200 KHz I got no out put and the safety gaps fired
>     Obviously the system wants to run at the 140 KHz mode.  By connecting
> up the RF transformers secondary to the bottom of the resonator is dropped
> the resonant frequency of the resonator.  Is this right?  Any input is
>     I am getting good quenching with a 12" dia. rotory and a 8 stage series
> blown quench gap.  After 1 and 1/2 periods it quenches.  A clear envelope
> is seen.
>    Thanks for any comments that may help in clearing this confusion up for
> me.


Standard maggy operation is to tune the primary to the combined 
freq of the secondary and resonator combined.  The 140kHz you're 
running at is the combined frequency.  This is normal.  There are many
myths "out there" about how a magnifier operates.  By combined freq,
I mean that the secondary and resonator behave as if the inductances
of each are added together, for tuning purposes.

John Freau
> Dwight >>