Re: A 20 kV DC tank supply

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What the advantage of a DC supply, if it is not used to integrate many
cycles of a power supply to charge a cap to a higher voltage than would be
otherwise possible. Such as is done with a camera strobe light. The
milli-watt average power inverter oscillates hundreds or thousands of cycles
to integrate watt-seconds power in the photoflash cap, which is then
discharged in milli-seconds for kilowatt power levels.

You get to use a much cheaper, smaller, compact supply because you are not
going at a high repitition rate. If you tried, the solid state drivers would
burn, inverter transformer saturate and capacitor would explode.

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>> to: Marco
>>  As long as you can recharge the caps fast enough your idea will work.
>> Many times, with a straight AC supply, the recharge rate for full charge in
>> the caps is not fast enough and the RSG fires at less than full charge.
>I should also point out that DC resonant chargers are the standard 
>method for charging caps in high rep-rate, high reliability applications 
>such as radars and even linear accelerators.

Radar and linac's are DC appliances.
>which makes it all the more interesting that no one else has
>applied the concept to Tesla Coils