Re: saturable reactor

Scott Stephens wrote:

>I believe in principle, they are still used in power supplies (even 
>low power), I've seen references in other books. They are practicaly
>bullet-proof. A colleague once described a battle-ship's 20" shell 
>cannon controller, which used magnetic amplifiers in the gyro-servo 
>control loop. Rad-hard too :)

Neat!  Would this be a modern turret control, or one from the 60s??

>I would like one to dynamicaly match a solid-state magnifier to the 
>2ndary arc.

You mean impedance match as the arc forms?  That sounds, well, quite 
challenging! :)

>>Here's my question - I have access to several tape-wound transformer 
>>cores of the 220v 20amp variety (medical grade isolation xfmrs).  Does 
>>anyone have a clue if this core material would have the required 
>>"square" B-H curve required to make a decent mag amplifier?
>I would guess it would, as closed gapless cores are what you want for 
>Also hard ferrites, such as permanent magnets, may also due. Let us 
>know how it works out.

After reading more this book indicates that while you probably could use 
regular xfrm material - the response would suffer and the energy loss in 
the core would be rather large.

So I probably wont' try it. :(


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