Re: Saturable Reactors


If the control winding consists of two contrary wound coils on the same leg
of the core, their MMFs would cancel and no magnetization of the core would
occur.  The control winding must be a single coil (or tapped coils, or coils
in series, wound in the same direction) in order to get core saturation, or
magnetization at all.   It is the reactance or load coils that must contrary
wound so that their MMFs cancel out and do not induce voltage in the control


>Hmmm...  Have to think about that one a bit.  Did you try this?  Seems
>like it *might* work!  The problem is that the "control" winding in this
>case does not consist of two contrary-wound coils... :( ??  Maybe if you
>could get a pig with two HV windings - then you could do the
>antiparallel trick to them and make it work.
>Maybe if I could find a 3-legged core (like out of a 3phase xfmr) some
>experiments could be performed...
>Thanks for that post, Eric!
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