Re: Variac brush repair

In a message dated 12/13/98 11:41:58 PM Mountain Standard Time,
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

> Anyway, I was considering the possibility of repairing the old brushes.
>  They appear to be brass blocks with a carbon brush soldered into a notch.
>  While I'm sure I could find another carbon brush and machine it down to
>  size, I'm not certain about how it's secured in that brass notch, I doubt
>  that carbon is solderable unless it's copper plated.  Has anyone else
>  attemped such a repair?
>  Gary Lau
>  Waltham, MA USA
    I just did what you are asking about a short while ago.   What I did was
to melt out the solder and clean up the  brass piece.  I machined a motor
brush to fit and soldered the connector wire to the brass piece and then just
epoxied the brush in place.  It seems to work just fine, but I have only used
the variac for about ten minutes worth of coiling runs so far.