Re: Saturable reactors?

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>>> Does anyone have a clue if this core material would have the required
>>>"square" B-H curve required to make a decent mag amplifier?
>The fact that you are saturating the core will result in a massively
>non-linear waveform. As a result, the charging current waveform will be an
>inefficient charging source. Your mains input will also become very dirty.
>Having said that, a sensitive mag. amp can easily be built using a normal 50
>Hz (60 Hz) E-I laminated core. The control winding can be a dc source off a
>12V battery or similar, flowing in a few dozen turns. The existing mains
>winding can be deployed: the 12V current can give you 90-odd per cent
>current control.
>Richard Craven, Malvern, England

Could one use the filament winding on a MOT as a dc control winding? Just a
passing thought, don't know if this would have any practical applications.

bob golding