Re: Re - spec for my coil - comments please

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>  Medhurst K   1,00 (does this mean something?)
>  Self C    5,08pf
>  Top Load   Toroid, alu duct, 4 inch D x 14 inch outer diameter
>  Top Load C   15,6 pf
>  Res Freq. With top load  235khz

I would guess that your self capacitance would be greater than 5pf, due to the
many turns of thin wire. I wound a similar coil with even fewer turns than
yours (slightly different diminsions though), and it had a self C of around
20pf. Measure resonant frequency without top load to deterime your actual

>  I also have the following transformers which could be used with the system
>  6600v -at- 30mA neon, centre tapped
>  8000v -at- 34mA OBI,no centre tap
>  10.000v -at- 20mA series to give 40mA
>  7500v -at- >100mA Neon (Rated is 75mA, shorted with shunts removed gives

Because of the low voltage rating of your caps, go with the ones under 10kV.
All of those will handle .007 ufd. Your 10kV transformer will be slightly
overloaded with .007 ufd. 

This is not bad for a cheap first coil. For any coils you build in the future,
you'll want a larger tank cap (0.04 with 7.5kV -at- 120mA), larger secondary
coil, copper tubing primary, and so on. Good luck.

Matt Behrend