half a UK show thought

Chris, all, especially UK coilers.

We had a UK teslathon in Corby, Northamptonshire, ENGLAND last May,
I didn't know of a plan to have one in Scotland - and I wonder if the
has arisen because I'm a Church of Scotland minister, and we used my
church hall, St Ninian's Church of Scotland.

It confuses me too because about 75% of the population here is Scots,
and I usually forget that we're actually in the heart of England.

Details of that occassion and pictures can be found on my web page.


along with details of my conventional and solid state coils, and a
paper on theology and physics.

Regarding next years, I am willing to organise another one here,
or to help anyone else who would like to arrange one else where.
We had 30 people at the last one - the next one may be bigger so 
we need a fair bit of room. we also need a hall which has
no vulnerable electronics, (alarms, amplifiers, central heating 

If Chris or anyone else can get a hall let me know.

have fun,

Alan Sharp,
ministering to Scots exiles in England.

Chris wrote:
>Just as half a thought there is a hall in Staffordshire ( near me ), which
>could be used as a show hall for tesla builders.  Its more central than
>Scotland where I think the next one will be.  I have no idea if anyones
>interested in this, I don't know how mush the hall is or anyhting, its
>a passing thought thats all.<