Re: Saturable reactors?

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>Anyway - this book describes the basics of a little-known-today 
>component called the saturable reactor.

I believe in principle, they are still used in power supplies (even low
power), I've seen references in other books. They are practicaly
bullet-proof. A colleague once described a battle-ship's 20" shell cannon
controller, which used magnetic amplifiers in the gyro-servo control loop.
Rad-hard too :)

>Looks like if I had one I could build a quite-unkillable pig controller out
of it!

I would like one to dynamicaly match a solid-state magnifier to the 2ndary

>Here's my question - I have access to several tape-wound transformer 
>cores of the 220v 20amp variety (medical grade isolation xfmrs).  Does 
>anyone have a clue if this core material would have the required 
>"square" B-H curve required to make a decent mag amplifier?

I would guess it would, as closed gapless cores are what you want for that.
Also hard ferrites, such as permanent magnets, may also due. Let us know how
it works out.