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 Hi there,
 Yea, I'm new here.  
 My problem is that I just got ahold of a 10KV power supply, and actually
 managed to get all 700 pounds of it to my house-- But I've got no way to
 power it.  Does anyone know the ballpark cost for piping in 3-phase
 current, or what they usually charge for branching it in from a place
 where it's already installed?
     Hi SM,

Build a 3-phase converter --- lots cheaper than Edison -- 
The price here ( Altadena Ca. ) was 1100 $ between poles +	a bond to 
guarantee minimal monthly usage + a removal fee when done!!

   I built a converter from a 25 H.P. 3-phase motor ---

The start caps are two 4800 ufd. -at- 200 VDC 
The flux slippage correction capacity required was around 700 ufd.

   The no-load current without flux correction was 30+ amps,
with correction ,around 3 amps --

    No problems running heavy equipment ,including 5 HP air compressor,
hot tank ( 5 HP ) plus lathe,mill etc.