Re: Controling a Pole Pig

Tesla List wrote:

> Steve,
> You might want to caluclate or measure the inductance presented by the pole
> transformer primary with the secondary shorted and open before you remove
> connection entirely.  It depends on what range you are looking for.  As to
> leaving the secondary connected and open circuit, it just doesn't seem
like a
> good idea to me.  The primary will certainly see a lot of serious current
> pulses and anything but smooth AC which may cause very high voltage
pulses on
> the output if it is open circuit.  Maybe I'm being over cautious.

    Since this is a pig, the primary inductance presented when the
secondary is
shorted is virtually nil ( around 0.5mH ) and with secondary open, nearer 12H.
Given that gapping the core can only reduce the inductance, it clearly
won't work
with the secondary shorted. I have been concerned about high voltage
on the secondary, however the transformer does have a BIL rating of 125Kv so I
don't *think* it will be hurt.
    Thanks for all the advise from various people on this list, I have decided
that I am going to try it and see, probably in february, I'll report
results to
the list.

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