Wavetek meter

Steve Young, thanks for the tip on the Wavetek 27XT.  I received mine
yesterday and immediately went home and measured the primary, secondary and
tank capacitor on both of my coils.  It is a nice meter.  I should have bought
one of these a couple of years ago.  Most of my measurements came out to what
I thought they should be based on calculations and actual measurements from
borrowing a friends meter quite some time ago.  Except the 3.0" dia coil.  I
have been running this tapped out at the last turn and thought it was in tune.
Based on last night's measurements, I need to add at least a full turn to the
primary to get it in tune with the toroid that I am running.  Too bad there is
not an easy way to tweak these rolled caps up about 10% in value.

Ed Sonderman