Magnifier Help

Hi All,

    My latest magnifier still is not working.  The one I built before this
worked great and even posted some on the list.  The new magnifier is
powered by a 14.4 KV, 5KVA pig.  That is the first change.  The second is
that I went to a equa-drive system. I tried changing this back to just one
cap, and still no out put.  The third change is all of the primary
connections are copper tubing and copper plates.  The fourth change is the
secondary of the RF transformer is made of a 22"dia. polyethylene 55 gal.
drum of which I wound 1000 ft of wire.  The fifth change is the coupling is
tighter.  The sixth change is I added a second stationary gap to my rotory.
 Seventh change is that in series with the rotory I put an eight point
blown quench gap.  The last change is I put a three post ground outside
connected together with copper pipe and ran it inside.  The system seems to
quench out in one sine cycle, but occasionally I see an under damped wave,
and it occures appx. 1 every 10 sec. or so.
    I have changed every thing back to what it was, and tired different
configurations but still no output from resonator.  Yes it is connected to
the RF x-former.
    One conundrum though,  I calculate the inductance needed to mach the
resonator's frequency(200KHz) and start there with the tap with the help of
my inductance meter.  I start there and move all around the primary.
Frankly I am  "tapped out" and also tiered.  My scope can do FFT's and I
see a split in frequency; one at 180 KHz and one at 375 KHz.
    The primary is about one third up on the secondary and about 5" from
the secondary all the way around.

    Please help.  I am running out of idea's.  My capacitance has gone to
the following: .08, .05, .04 and .01 microfaradads.

Thank you,