Re: Slow Wave Helical Resonator Experiment

Terry Fritz wrote:

>         As the scope picture I posted shows, there was absolutely no
> voltage rise. The primary circuit quenching is clearly defined in the
> bottom trace occurring at 180uS (50us/div) on the fourth notch after the
> initial burst began. The secondary voltage at 294uS (180+114) appears very
> stable at ~70kV peak with no voltage rise or any evidence of the effects
> described in the Corum's paper.

That experimental result was (?) obtained with the interruption of the
primary current at a maximum, not a notch (using a rotaty spark gap).
abrupt rise in the secondary voltage was probably an induction coil
with most of the energy in the primary circuit being transferred
to the secondary circuit when the primary current was interrupted.
Or maybe more probably a bad contact in the oscilloscope attenuator
itself during the measure...

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz