Re: 3-phase current

Hi all:

There have been several articles published in various model
engineering/home shop magazines on 3 phase converter construction. If
anyone is interested I can probably dig up some references. You can also
look in the archives of the rec.crafts.metalworking newsgroup. Converters
are often used to power surplus 3 phase machinery in a home shop.

There are also several commercially made converters, both rotary and
static, which are available at reasonable prices.

Some builders avoid the complications of switching the start caps in and
out by either starting the motor by hand (using a pull rope to spin it up),
or by adding a single-phase motor and belt drive to get things going (this
of course requires a 3 phase motor with a usable shaft).

- Mike

> If you really have to have 3 phase then you can build a converter. 
> 240 VAC to L1 and L2 of a 3 phase motor.