Re: 3-phase current

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Shady M's Hivh Voltage Supply" <hivolt-at-gil-dot-net>
> My problem is that I just got ahold of a 10KV power supply, and actually
> managed to get all 700 pounds of it to my house-- But I've got no way to

Great find.

> power it.  Does anyone know the ballpark cost for piping in 3-phase
> current, or what they usually charge for branching it in from a place
> where it's already installed?

You don't mention what country you live in, but if it is US, then
you may have problems.. According to my info, it is NOT common to 
have 3-phase power except for industry - here in Finland pretty much
every house has 3-phase power for heating, stove and sauna. :)
Check your local company selling you the present single phase

Anyway, if you can't get 3-phase feed, you can use a rotary converter.
This means simply, that you use a 3-phase motor (readily available
as surplus) and use single phase input to motor winding, and get
3-phase out. Check rec.crafts.metalworking (use dejanews) and
URLs below for detailed info how to build one, and optimize it using
capasitors. Metalworking hobbyists etc. have to use these in US to run
lathes and mills, as 3-phase feeds just aren't available for reasonable

Some URLS:

  Kristian Ukkonen.