RE: Eimac 100TH connectors

The grid connector is an Eimac HR-2.	

The plate connector is an Eimac HR-6.

They are shown in Allied catalogs of the 1950-1960 era.

Looks like an easy project with a metal lathe and some brass/copper rod.

The socket is a 4-pin medium ceramic. That's why Eimac and Johnson do  not

list a special socket. Check with Antique Electronics in Tempe, Ariz for the

socket. Where can I get plans for tube coils? I have four 811s and two

Unfortunately, I have neither the pics from the 50s or access to a metal shop.
I suppose I will just have to use alligator clips. Thanks for the tip about
needing a 4-pin ceramic socket though.

As to schematics, I am using Brent Turner's book, which, though devoted mostly
to standard spark gap Tesla coils,  has a couple of nice chapters on tube
coils, sample schematics, some basic theory and a chart of the most commonly
used/available triodes.  It's a *very* handy guide, I understand that John
Freau (who has been of tremendous assistance with my projects) and/or Dave
Sharpe had some input to the tube coil chapters.

David Hutchison