Re: Counterpoise?

> A counterpoise is a good alternative to an earth ground for a small coil.
> did not say how much power you are running.  If the supply is 12 or 15 kv at
> 30 or 60 ma, I would think a counterpoise would work well, especially for a
> portable, indoor type coil.  A couple of chunks of mesh metal screen or
> fencing maybe 5 ' x 5 ' each should work well.  Just lay them on the
floor off
> to one side or directly under the coil, connected together and to the
base of
> the secondary.  Someone should be able to calculate just how many square
> of conductor is required for this based on the power supply size, but I
> not know how to do it.  Sounds like a good math project for someone.

It's 15kv at 60ma. In case someone knows how to calc this, please include
the equations for future refference.