Re: TC on tour

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Aric_C_Rothman-at-email.whirlpool-dot-com (Aric C Rothman)
>      My boss is hosting a year-end bash at his house and he has asked me to
>      bring my TC for a little high-voltage fun.  The power supply for the
>      coil with have a key lock-out and a "severely wounded but hopefully
>      not dead"-man switch.
>      Besides bringing along a grounding rod and extension cord, what
>      preparations should I make for this event.  I plan to operate the coil
>      in his backyard, which has a featureless area at least 16 x 16 ft.
>      Regarding the grounding of the coil.  Might a counterpoise consisting
>      of pieces of Al foil laid edge to edge be a suitable substitute for a
>      ground?
>      I plan to ask guests about any health problems prior to starting the
>      coil, especially whether or not any use a pacemaker.  Are there any
>      particular health questions I should ask?  Are there concerns with
>      jewelry?
>      Aric


You'll get best results by using one or more grounding rods. Larger
coils (especially) tend to overload a reasonably sized counterpoise, and
2-3 smaller rods pounded into a depth of 2-3 feet will perform better
than a single long rod. Make sure that you "rope off" the area around
the coil to prevent curious or innebriated people from getting anywhere
near streamer striking range or anywhere near the primary. Tou may also
want to have an assistant help watch out for anyone getting too close to
the coil - be on the lookout especially for kids. 

Make sure that YOU don't drink and then try running your system! You may
also want to warn your guests to avoid breathing the oxone or nitrogen
oxides, since either of these gases can cause serious (even life
threatening) problems for those with asthma, emphasema, or other
respiratory problems. Jewelry should not be a problem.

-- Bert --