Re: TC on tour

to: Aric

Run a large wire in the basement window and attach to a water pipe if
possible --- be absolutely sure it's not the gas pipe or you might not have
a boss or job the next day.

Be sure to take along a few extra burned out flourescent lights for
everyone to wave around in wonder.  Don't worry about the ladies jewelery
--- they'll be dead by morning anyway.

Seriously, have fun.  For safety, you can everyone do a "10. 9, 8, . . .
live countdown" like a NASA launch prior to each operational burst ---
participation is always good and then everyone will know when the rain will


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> Subject: TC on tour
> Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 4:54 PM
> Original Poster: Aric_C_Rothman-at-email.whirlpool-dot-com (Aric C Rothman) 
>      My boss is hosting a year-end bash at his house and he has asked me
>      bring my TC for a little high-voltage fun.  The power supply for the

>      coil with have a key lock-out and a "severely wounded but hopefully 
>      not dead"-man switch. 
>      Besides bringing along a grounding rod and extension cord, what 
>      preparations should I make for this event.  I plan to operate the
>      in his backyard, which has a featureless area at least 16 x 16 ft.
>      Regarding the grounding of the coil.  Might a counterpoise
>      of pieces of Al foil laid edge to edge be a suitable substitute for
>      ground?
>      I plan to ask guests about any health problems prior to starting the

>      coil, especially whether or not any use a pacemaker.  Are there any 
>      particular health questions I should ask?  Are there concerns with 
>      jewelry?
>      Aric