Thanks to everyone that helped with my previous really long post. :)

I ran into another question....

I have been reading the archives and there was mention of using a
counterpoise instead of an earth ground for a coil. 

This is of interest to me since I am currently building this for use in
schools and such where I may not have a good RF ground set up. I will
build one for my home, but I may not be able to guarante a good one
elsewhere. The first run away from home is scheduled in late January and
it gets real cold arround here that time of year. Any sugestions? I have
asked to be located near an exit from the building to I can attempt to get
a ground.. I may be able to get access to a water pipe as well. 

My first thought is to use some more flashing or screening laid out in the
snow with maybe some rock salt thrown on it to help conduct (melt the
snow a bit). Or see if I can get a decent ground from a water pipe. 

Any help appreacted, driving ground rods into frozen ground doesn't sound
like fun to me.