Re: Tesla Coil on TV Science Show.

At 22:46 2/12/98 -0700, Ed wrote:

>	As posted here recently, McMaster Carr sells various metallic spheres,
>at rather ridiculous prices.  One thing they sell at a more reasonable
>price is polypropylene floats.  An 8" diameter one is around $15.00. 
>That thing could be carefully wrapped with aluminum tape, carefully
>burnished with a spoon, to make a pretty decent terminal.  I intend to
>try this for the next van de Graaf generator I build, and its should
>work even better with a TC, which can tolerate more surface roughness. 
>Also, C&H Sales has an enormous stock of 12" globes (cheap world maps,
>that is) for around $4.00 each.  Only problem is the plastic is pretty
>thick and they are quite heavy.  Worth giving the same treatment.

My earth terminal is a $1 styrofoam ball from "Cheap as Chips", wrapped in
aluminium tape.  This is probably better value ;-)