Suitable cap material???

  Hi! Look at what I just found at an electronic shop's catalogue:

 (This is a poor attempt to translate it from Dutch)

 "Silicon carpet"

 Silicon carpet for electric and thermal insulation of electronic
 Insulating voltage: 10KV, heat capacity: 1,4C/W
 Size, 85 x 100mm x 0,3mm
 Price: Equivalent to 4,5 US dollars.

 Well, so it insulates 10KV, is 0.3mm thick and comes in long rolls.
Would this material work for a Tesla Coil capacitor? I mean, could I
just unroll it, place aluminium sheets on both sides and than re-roll
it again? Would it work? Would such a cap be any good for TC use? The
material looks like a smooth, high-quality rubber, and is specially
made to insulate HV, so it has to be of some use...
 Anyone knows the dielectric proprieties of silicon? I heard that
silicon oil is really good. How about silicon rubber? Would the losses
be worst than PE? Better than SW caps I hope...
 I also found some very thin paper, made to absorb oil from chips and
other fried foods. That paper looks like it would be absolutely
perfect to suck up oil between the capacitorís plates plus it comes in
huge (50 meters long) rolls, 1meter wide. Itís cheap too!
 And I got a gallon of model plane oil in the garage. Itís the oil you
add to model aeroplanes (and cars, boats, etc) fuels to run their
small 2-stroke engines. The fuel consists of Methanol and this oil.
Itís very good quality and insulates HV well. It is not easily
combusted (takes something like 400C to get it burning, at which
temperature it also starts to boil) What kind of oil could it be? It
doesnít say Castor oil anywhere, do I suppose it is syntheticÖ
 Well, please give me your thoughts on all that... I sure hope it's
good, because it would make such nice capacitors:-)

 Sam Barros...

 P.S. Please don't ask why I am not using P.E. I tell you now: Because
I haven't yet found P.E. rolls. They only have them in small plastic

 Sam Barros,

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