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<< First off. Hello to everyone! great list! found you guy's (gal's) after
 building my first coil with abysmal results. I would like to post the
 spec's of my second coil with a few questions to make it perform to further
 my inspiration to build a really BIG coil. Ok here is where I'm
 at.Secondary is 4.5" dia. ABS plastic, wound with #23 magnet wire to 21.90"
 winding length. Cap. is poly-plate in series to obtain approx. .0186 uf.
 (homebuilt, under consruction) primary is #10 solid copper, vertical helix,
 8" dia. .69" wire spacing  , x-former is 10kv .069 ma. with pfc. cap to 129
 uf. My question's are should I increase my pri. ma. to .092 or greater? (I
 have extra x-fofmers to parallal) or am I at the limit for my secondary?
 should I keep my primary helix or go for the flat spiral wound with copper
 tube? Any and all comment's greatly appreciated!
            Waiting for the thunder 

Sounds like a coil that should perform well.  I would rebuild the primary into
a flat spiral with 1/4" copper tubing with 1/4" spacing.  More power is always
a good idea (my personal opinion) add more transformers in parallel as long as
they are the same voltage rating.  Your coil should have a toroid in the range
of 4" x 12" to 6" x 20".  With a 20" toroid and your existing cap, the new
primary should tune about turn 8.  Winding about 12 turns would allow your to
increase the toroid size and the power supply.

Ed Sonderman