Before I cook anything else...

Howdy fellow listers,

This weekend, after having two very good test runs with almost 8 footer's at
6KW.  I had one streamer reach out, then head straight for my windings
cooking 4 of them to a crisp.  It was a very impressive puff of smoke, even
my neighbors could see it.  I modified my RSG to a 10 series gap rotary, and
can really pump the juice now :).  I think I finally fixed the problem of
having flashovers, now the discharges from the toroid are shooting out
horizontally instead of down.  But before I continue with full power runs, I
need some information or a source on measuring Tesla coil parameters using
current probes, o-scopes and whatever other test equipment.  I'm familiar
with Terry Fritz's field antenna's, I've searched the archives for info and
I purchased two of Richard Hull's tapes, but I can't seem to find anything
on this subject.

Currently in my equipment inventory I have an old o-scope, LCR meter, two
VOM's, 3 unmarked current probes that hook to an o-scope, analog clamp-on
current probe, 40KV high voltage probe, and have access to signal
generators, frequency counters and an o-scope that doesn't use tubes.  Any
help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.  I hope to have pics
and video on my page soon.