Re: Variac question...


	I have run large variacs (1kva or larger) at as much as 2x rated power
with out an harm. You will only be running it about 3a over so it should
not cook it. Before useing it look it over carefully for weak, or damaged
turns. A fan would be a good idea if you use it for more than 1min at a

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> Subject: Variac question...
> Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 12:33 AM
> Original Poster: "Ross W. Overstreet" <ross-o-at-mindspring-dot-com> 
> I didn't want to send this to the TC mailing list b/c it is pretty
> If you
> have time...
> I picked up a variac at the swap meet for $10.  It is an old, but
> unused, Powerstat rated at 1.3 Max KVA and 9.0 Max Amps.  My 12/60 NST
> requires 6.35 amps with the secondary shorted.  With 2 of these I will
> be at 1.53 KVA and 12.7 amps.  Clearly this is over the label value but
> hopefully under the true design value (without safety factor).  What
> kills Variacs?  I assume that it is heat, if that is the problem I will
> fan cool.  Do you think that this variac will make it???  Any
> suggestions, other than look for bigger variacs :-)
> Thanks,
> Ross