My new O-scope and Secondary

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There was a time when I use to kill scopes due to my ignorance or lack of
attention to the peak voltage rating of the scope. For direct connection
measurements, I would suggest investing in a HV probe. They are commonly rated
around 80kv capability. They are also easily repairable. Usually the 1 Meg
resistor dies and can be replaced.

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> Subject:  My new O-scope and Secondary
> All,
>      I just bought an oscilloscope and I was wondering how I could measure my
> primary voltage with it, use lots of resistance?  Any good ideas I could use
> it for, as in for my tesla coil?  I found out that my secondary resonates at
> 220 kHz, not the 660 kHz that I had though, so I guess it was at the third
> harmonic.  I was getting 18" sparks at 660khz using 900 VA, tomorrow I will
> see what happens when I lower the frequency to 220khz by using my new large
> primary.
> Thanks,
> Erik