Re: Unpotting my Neon (cont.)

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>    Adam, I am new here, could you explain what you mean by "mini pig",
>it sounds like something I may want to build.

OK, here it goes...

After cleaning, repairing and re-assembling unpotted neon sign 
transformers, you have to repot them in some kind of insulator (Paraffin 
or oil) to restore their insulation.  If you run a NST unpotted, it will 
arc from the outside of the secondary to the core, frying some windings 
and maybe starting a fire.  Before repotting, I replaced all the 
transformer's mica and cardboard insulating strips with 90mil LDPE.  Much 
nicer looking, and less messy.

I put the transformer I worked on today into a shiny new standard paint 
can, purchased at Home Depot.  I hot-glued the transformer to the bottom 
of the can, and filled the can with Exxon Univolt N61 transformer oil, as 
is used in pole transformers.  I moved all the high and low voltage 
bushings from the old tranformer case to the lid of the paint can, and 
grounded the transformer core to the can itself & the lid.  I removed the 
paint can's wire handle.  Now, what I have looks A LOT like a pole pig 
(the distribution transformers you see on telephone poles) except that it 
is smaller, hence "mini pig".  It even hums like a pole pig.  
Electrically, it performs a bit better than original transformer (two 
laminate layers removed from each shunt), and now it is more easily 
repairable.  I'll put a picture up on my website, as soon as I can borrow 
a digital camera.


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