Re: Secondary coil arcing to itself

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> Basically, an arc will break out somewhere along the length
 > of the secondary, streak up (or down) the secondary for 2 to
 > 4 inches, and then re-enter the secondary.  While these little
 > arcs playing all over the surface of the secondary are certainly
 > neat-looking, I am sure that they are murduring the insulation on
 > the wire and are robbing me of power.  >>snip


Sounds like racing sparks caused by overcoupling to me.  You might
want to try raising the secondary to the top of the primary or higher
(try various heights) and see what happens.  Also be sure you're not
tuned to a harmonic ( I didn't calculate the frequencies, etc for your
coil ).

I posted the specs for a 12 kV, 30 ma, neon TC some time ago, that
gave 42" sparks max.  I used a .007uF cap, a 4" x 17" toroid, and a
synchronous gap, and about 36 turns on the primary.

John Freau