Re: HV Xfmr Protection networks

From: 	Edward V. Phillips[SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]
Sent: 	Friday, June 27, 1997 3:59 PM
To: 	tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	Re: HV Xfmr Protection networks

"  This test will show very cleary which caps are the best to use. The test
is DC and not RF but I have found it very reliable. A cap that is good with
a DC test usually tests good at RF tests."
John:  I have a bunch of Sprague "Vitamin Q" capacitors, 16 kV
and 0.05 ufd capacitance.  The DC resistance is excellent, but
the RF performance is so bad I can't even measure their dissipation
factor at 200 kHz.  They are inserted-tab type, and have very
high effective series resistance.