New "mini" Dual-Coil System

From: 	Rodney Davies[SMTP:rgd872-at-anu.edu.au]
Sent: 	Friday, June 27, 1997 11:04 PM
To: 	tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	New "mini" Dual-Coil System 

Hi All,

Looking around a few Tesla Coil pages this evening I came across Bill
Wysock's Tesla Technology Research page (http://www.ttr-dot-com) which I visit
on occasions...

He's added a new thingy to the page, a new mini model 12 dual-coil system
for $3,500. 
Only 2 photos, but looks like a neat little package..
>From what I can tell (and what the page told me) it runs at 3.6KVA with a
maximum spark length of 60 inches. 

They appear to be 2 1/4 wave coils hooked up out-of-phase and arc to each
other quite nicely...

The secondaries appear to be 10" or so with a winding length of about 30"
or so...

Anyone know any more specific details of Bill's coils?

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know...something new to see! :-)