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> Hi all,
>          As a result of this series of experiments, I now think one 
> of the primaries typically used in twin coil systems is redundant.
> The only requirement for energy transfer is that it gets to the 
> system as a whole. The current is efficiently transferred from the 
> base of the driven coil to the base of the free-standing one. Also,
> resonator winding directions no longer matter because the operating 
> mode is now different. Perhaps someone with a larger twin system 
> could check it out and let us know please.
> Thanks,
> Malcolm
> <snip>
> > The setup:         7.8nF (2x 3n9 caps in parallel)
> >                        /
> >                    | |             ooo                     ooo
> >         o------+---| |------      o   o     spheres       o   o
> >                |   | |      |      ooo                     ooo
> >     DC Input   |            |       |                       |
> >     from       o            O       O                       O
> >     Flyback    o  Gap   Lp  O   Ls1 O                   Ls2 O
> >     Supply     |            O       O                       O
> >                |            |       O                       O
> >         o------+------------        |_______________________|
> > 

Aha, so *that's* what you are upta!  I made one of those a while back
and was  getting about 24 inches between toroids with 
a single 15-at-60 neon powered system and a small system cap of 0.007 mfd.  I 
did not spend much time trying to tune it for maximum.  I just 
thought it an *interesting* curiosity at the time.

I have a hunch that your parasitic twin is not going to give you anywhere near 
the spark show you can get if you place a primary around both 
secondary resonators and anti-phase them correctly.

Hey, here's an idea.  Loop a one turn primary around the seating area 
of a theatre and issue a little handheld resonator to the patrons as 
they enter.  At the appropriate moment in the performance have 
everyone in the audience hold their little resonators up with 
outstretched arms (definitely more cool than a sea of Bic lighters at 
a rock concert IMO).  : )