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> Greetings,
> I am considering the question of the connecting three different neon
> sign transformers with the following ratings to power one coil:
> 12,000V 30mA.
>  9,000V 30mA.
>  6,000V 30mA.
> My question is, would it be possible to connect all three in parallel? 
> If I did so, would I expect 9,000V at 120mA., or have I been around the
> solder too much?

You've been around the solder too much! NEVER connect differing 
voltage transformers in parallel or series! Most probably what would 
happen if you connected those transformers in parallel is the 6KV 
transformer would blow since it would have less insulation on the 
secondary windings. Also considder that if you connect two differing
voltage transformers in parallel the higher voltage transformer will
be effectively driving the lower voltage transformer backwards while 
it is also being driven forwards by the mains. IT WILL COOK the lower
voltage transformer!

> Another question is would I be able to connect them in series?  If so,
> what would be the resulting output?

IF the current rating is the SAME you can connect two differing 
voltage transforers in series ONLY IF their insultation can hold 
under the higher combined voltage.

When connecting transformers in series or parallel you should try to 
match the transformers as closely as possible and make sure that they 
are phased correctly!


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