Re: Spark Gap Idea

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Another good way to do this is to break off an old screwdriver tip and
epoxy it in place on your adjustment screw.  Slip a long piece (8-10") of
tygon tubing over the tip and hold only the end to rotate it -- be sure to
keep you hand in your pocket in case of moisture creepage, etc.

Stay alive and have fun!


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> > Thanks for the warning...I probally need it!  I know its not a good
> > to mess around with the HV when the coil is running but I am using a
> > insulated screwdriver; It has about a foot of fiberglass and the blade
> > stuck into the end is less than 1/4" deep. I also make sure I am well
> > insulated and only have one hand anywhere near the HV. I guess I should
> > have been more precise in my orginal post but I was just assuming that
> > an insulated handle would be standard procedure working with any HV..
> > 
> > Jim
> -- 
> Jim,
> I think most of us assumed you were using an insulated handle, but many
> of us who have worked with high voltage in the past know that under the
> right circumstances, the HV can arc over the top of the handle right to
> your hand! Especially in times of excitement during tuning when you
> might forget to handle the screwdriver at the end of the handle and grip
> it normally, which is far too close to that hunk o metal that's
> connected directly to the HV. You can take the broken tip of a fishing
> rod and file a screwdriver tip on it, removing any metal at all from the
> process. Please be safe!
>       Rick Holland
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