Re: Spark Gap Idea

From: 	Jim[SMTP:jwbuck-at-loclnet-dot-com]
Sent: 	Monday, June 23, 1997 10:30 AM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Re: Spark Gap Idea


> Ingenious idea there Jim! I would be a bit concerned at to the maxium
> voltage you gap can handle though. As I remeber the old variable
> capacitors they worn't built for high voltage, so keep an idea on the
> insulation! What voltage transforer are you using with that gap?

I'm not sure about the voltage.  I'm using 2 high output ignition coils
connected in series.  I can get a little over 1/4" spark across the gap
so voltage is probally around 10 to 15 KV???

> > Instead of putting a knob on the shaft to rotate the gap I cut a notch
> > at the end of the shaft so I can use a long screwdriver to adjust the
> > gap while the coil is running which may be a stupid idea but I haven't
> > gotten zapped yet.
> Jim, if your feeding that gap at 60 Hz and there is more than 0.1 amp
> available, you are playing Russian roulet (sp.?)! Do yourself a favor
> and use an insulated (fiberglass shaft) screwdriver! As far as I know
> there is only one official death associated with a Tesla coil, lets
> keep it that way!

Thanks for the warning...I probally need it!  I know its not a good idea
to mess around with the HV when the coil is running but I am using a
insulated screwdriver; It has about a foot of fiberglass and the blade
stuck into the end is less than 1/4" deep. I also make sure I am well
insulated and only have one hand anywhere near the HV. I guess I should
have been more precise in my orginal post but I was just assuming that
an insulated handle would be standard procedure working with any HV..