Re: 10amp Hump

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To: George

The 10 amp hump you notice is the magnetizing current for the core. 
Usually its around 7 amps with a "pig".


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> Subject: 10amp Hump
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> All,
> I got my new 5KVA pig from T&R this week. EXCELLENT SERVICE!
> Ordered it on Friday got it on Wednesday. Boy is it big 250 lbs and
> as tall as my wife.
> Only having a 110v variac i am driving 1/2 the pigs primary. The welder
is in 
> series, with a couple of 1500w heater elements across the welders 
> What is interesting is that i see a 10amp hump in current as i bring the
> up before the gaps fire, no load. The hump is reduced by the heaters and
> when the gaps fire the current goes up as expected but seems excessive
> the results produced by the TC. Any suggestions?
> George.......