Spark gap performance.

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Subject: 	Spark gap performance.


A few weeks ago I was changing my sparkgap. The first time I had ran my coil
I only used a spark gap with only two electrodes. My Tesla coil was only
giving about an 2 inches of spark lenth but only when an object came near
it. I changed it (as I described to some of the people) to a sparkgap with
about 15 electrodes in it so that the spacing is a lot smaller between the
nails. My Tesla coil's performance went to about 8 inches sparks and it were
like a flame, the sparks running in a linear direction(see fig.1). Can
anyone tell me why it makes your Tesla coil perform better.

Someone wrote about the Banjo effect, what in the world is that?

      |------> spark  
    |     | ------> secondary coil       
    |     |
    |     |

GREAT NEWS: Today I found a sort of swimming pool pipe from my fathers
garage and now I'm going to tie the points together and cover it in foil, so
at last I can make a Torroid.

See yah!
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