Toads :^) :) [:{)

From: 	Larry Robertson[SMTP:LWRobertson-at-msn-dot-com]
Sent: 	Thursday, June 19, 1997 12:01 AM
To: 	Tesla Builders
Subject: 	Toads       :^)     :)     [:{)

Hey ...

Way back in my mis-spent youth, toads were the group
of people one hung around with, and who had similar
interests - as in " Any of you toads want to go down
to the pub? ".

Upon reflection I have concluded this may not be a 
universal usage, and to anyone who thought I was casting 
aspersions upon the group I say the "toad" word was 
used in the kindest possible way.

At least the HPE book went to a good home. I had visions 
of it being snatched up by the Church of Creation Science
to prove meddling with higher powers.


I still have the gaps closed way down while I check things
over - spark is a bit over a foot. When I turn the Variac up
it spurts out a loud blue flame at 120 Hz., never misses a 
beat. While it roars away between the toroid and ground
rod, the cap gap occasionally going KAPOW as counterpoint
I get this gut certainty that I really, really don't want to get
hit by a bolt. 

We'll open the gaps up a bit tonight and see how everything
holds together.

Feeling Toadly in Morgan Hill