FW: Polyethylene in Aus.

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>         It is very difficult to picture a country where one can
>         buy Coke, but could not find a plastic bag or two.
>                 |  To put it differently -- if one is in   |
>                 |  a part of the world were plastic bags   |
>                 |  are scarce, one will have a =very= hard |
>                 |  time mounting a Tesla coil, irrespec-   |
>                 |  tive of the polyethylene - IMHO         |
>                 |                                          |
>                                         The world -- hey, I've been
>                                         there!
>                                         Robert Michaels
>                                         Detroit, USA

Yes indeed folks, we may have the odd kangaroo bouncing across the
backyard, and "pole pigs" might indeed be more scarce than wild pigs,
but polyethylene plastic is quite easy to get here.

I have actually used black concreters plastic for my cap only because
its so much cheaper than the clear poly, and I still believe many layers
work better than one thick one.


Peter E.