Re: RE- Transformer size

Subject:       Re: RE- Transformer size
       Date:   Thu, 12 Jun 1997 21:29:41 +1000
       From:  Phil Chalk <philoc-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>
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         To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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Hi all.

Tesla List wrote:
> Subject:      RE- Transformer size
>               From:  robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
>         No matter what size transformer you have, if you don't
>         =start building=   you aren't going to learn much about
>         Tesla-coiling.   About building a collection of used
>         transformers, yes.   About coiling, no.
>         There's something to be learned even from using a 2-kv., 10-ma.
>         transformer, assuming you actually start.
>                                                 Getting it ON,
>                                                 Robert Michaels
>                                                 Detroit, USA

Well, I just happen to have a 2kv, 10ma. transformer - open frame,
coated in black tarry stuff, now hard & brittle.  It works fine, and I'd
been wondering about it as a little TC tranny.  It was originally for
the EHT in an old (40s/50s) CRO, I believe.  I have various caps that
would probably cope with the voltage, too. 

Do you think it might power nicely something maybe 1-2" dia & say 6"
tall ?  Have you ever made/had/seen a TC running at those specs ?  Spark
gap types ?

Thanx for any comments,

>         On the other hand, after you've gotten a 15K/60, you could
>         start looking for a 15K/90.   That in hand you'll probably
>         want to go for one of the elusive 15K/120's.  And of course
>         you'll want one of these from each of the major manufacturers 

'Down here', in Australia, anything other than 30ma neon transformers
seem pretty rare.  A few shops have told me I'm unlikely to find
anything else, and 1 or 2 others that 60s were used 'ages ago' and any
you find will be really old.  Bummer !  I currently have two of them
(30ma) at 15kv in parallel, and it's OK so far.


Phil Chalk.