Re: More Capacitor Ideas

Subject:      Re: More Capacitor Ideas
      Date:   Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:35:55 +1000
      From:  Peter Electric <elekessy-at-macquarie.matra-dot-com.au>
        To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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Tesla List wrote:
> Subject:  More Capacitor Ideas
>   Date:   Thu, 12 Jun 1997 14:10:20 -0400
>   From:   "Thomas McGahee" <tom_mcgahee-at-sigmais-dot-com>
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> Fellow Coilers,
> Fr. Tom here again.
> Some more thoughts:
> I am sure that most of the ideas I come up with have also been
> thought about by others like Malcolm Watts and Alfred Skrocki and
> Mike Hammer, just to mention a few. Mike even asked me if I had been
> spying on him :) Nope. I gues that it's just that great minds often
> think along the same lines. Different actual thoughts, but remarkably
> similar in many respects. Snip!

While we're on the subject of great minds, (and extreme modesty) I have
had an idea also. I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but what
about using just Xformer oil as your dielectric. Some of the better oils
seem to have fairly good Dielectric constant, not to mention reasonable
breakdown voltage, so what if you used something like plastic flyscreen
mesh between the plates. This would allow oil to flow freely and might
even allow the capacitor to "self heal" in the event of an arc over.

Let me know if anyone has tried this technique.

Cheers, (while I have a few beers), Peter E.