Re: Primary Coil Power Supply...

Subject:  Re: Primary Coil Power Supply...
  Date:   Wed, 12 Feb 1997 12:31:19 +0100
  From:   Schwalbe <schwalbe-at-augustine.demon.co.uk>
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>Subject:  Primary Coil Power Supply...
>  Date:   Thu, 12 Jun 1997 12:20 +0200
>  From:   NEIL HURSEY <ETL.ETLNLHY-at-MESMTPSE.ericsson.se>
>    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
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>Hello All,
>I'm trying to build my first Tesla Coil in the UK and am having
>trouble trying to find a suitable transformer to drive the primary
>The best I've found so far is microwave oven transformers with a
>2KV output.
>Does anyone know if these transformers could we wired in series,
>say 5 transformers to produce 10kv output?
>There are three main problems that I can see with this:
>1)  The transformers have slightly different specifications.  Could
>    this cause a phase problem in connecting them in series?
>2)  Each transformer is capable of drawing about 1KW of power.
>    What would be a good method of limiting the current?
>3)  One end of the secondary coil of the transformers is soldered
>    to the earthed casing of the transformer.  However, this could
>    be removed and connected to a separate terminal.
>If any of you can help with these questions, or perhaps suggest
>another transformer source in the UK it will be much appreciated.
        I've had the same problems in the UK trying to find a source of
transformers for my first coil. The only idea I've had is  to buy
transformer kits from Maplin, wire them up for 12.5 KVac, then put them
parrallel??? to raise the Current. The only other possibility is going
to a
neon sign shop, and buying one from there. I guess if you are really
adventurous you could try to get hold of one of those transformers that
supply electricity to houses away from sub-stations, directly from the x
supply lines, and wire it up in reverse..perhaps this is a little to
powerful, but a good investment for future coils. Does anyone know how
a  'pole pig' costs? If you could limit the current from the 'pole pig'
could use it for a less powerful coil, then when you a feeling brave
with a
larger coil it will become very useful.
                                        Tom Schwalbe