Re: Test of 6" coil

Subject:  Re: Test of 6" coil
  Date:   Mon, 2 Jun 1997 13:24:31 -0400 (EDT)
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<< ED:
         That must have created several interesting ah, comments when
 that it had failed.  That's really a kick in the head to loose two of
 those.  Just for information, I received one of the CP caps, .025
 mfd.-at-20,000VAC on 12/28/95 with the 1/2-13 threaded studs which I
 believe makes it part of the first special order Scott put together.  I
 ordered direct since I joined the list just after the first order went
 out.  I have run this in my 8" coil for some pretty long runs at 450
 maximum, with no failure yet.  This year I have at most 25-30 seconds
 run time on it (sad to say it) with my brand new Plastic Capacitor's
 mfd -at- 30,000VAC cap, running in parallel. I would be happy to give you
 an update in 2-4 weeks when I have accumulated some decent run time.  
 Just for information, the Plastic Capacitor's case is a rectangle which
 I prefer--cleaner installation.  I place my capacitor's on a 1/2" thick
 sheet of acrylic plastic, which is something CP does recommend by
 default--their case has a 10,000 VAC max rating stamped on it.  Did you
 have your cap on an extra layer of insulation?  Hope CP stands behind
 for you.
 Chuck Curran
 Cedarburg, WI

Thanks for the response.  Yes, I was quite bummed when I finally figured
that I had another bad C.P. cap.  This cap apparantely failed last year
first time I fired it up.  I have been thinking and inspecting all parts
since then but have been looking in the wrong place.  I wish I would
found this last year.  The bad part now is that the summer months are
the only time I can set this coil up outside and run it - and now I will
probably be down for a couple of months to get a replacement.  I talked
Jeffrey Fielder at C.P. and he did give me a R.A. number and said he
check it out.

The cap is mounted in a wooden cradle with a radius cut in each end to
the dia.of the cap.  There is two layers (about 1/2" thick total) of
rubber between the cap and the wood.  I don't think it shorted through
case or I would expect to see burn marks somewhere.

What kind of lead time did you get from Plastic Capacitors?  How do
prices compare?

Ed Sonderman