Re: dead C.P.caps

Subject:  Re: dead C.P.caps
  Date:   Mon, 2 Jun 1997 13:27:07 -0400 (EDT)
  From:   Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com
    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

  I use Condenser Products caps almost exclusively and abuse them on a
>  regular basis on  my twin coil, my magnifier system and a few classic
>  coils I have sitting around the lab.
>  I have had some of my CP caps for 5 years and have not had any problems.
>  I have two of their early .01 mfd -at- 25 kv =dc= pulse rated caps (1.5"
>  dia. and 8" long) in a tabletop coil that I have driven periodically
>  with a 5kva, 14.4 kv pole transformer. I have expected these to let go,
>  but they just keep on truckin'.
>  You are using a safety gap across the capacitors, aren't you?
>  I always use a safety gap across both the transformer and the
>  capacitors. A safety gap across the cap will bark to let you know if the
>  tuning isn't quite right and is quite inexpensive when compared to the
>  cost of a new cap.
>  Forever in search of lasting components......
>  Ed Wingate

Thanks for the response.  No, I am not using a safety gap across the
cap.  I
never have, maybe I should try it.  I do have a safety gap on the high
voltage feed lines but that is maybe 25 to 30 feet away from the cap. 
about just using a piece of #12 solid copper wire bolted on each end of
cap and bent up over the ends so the wire ends are about 1.0" apart? 
gap spacing would you suggest for 14,000 volts,  for 16,000 volts?  The
capacitor is buried down in the cabinet the coil is mounted on and is
30 feet away from where the controls are.  It will be diffilcult to see
the gap on the capacitor is firing.

Ed Sonderman