Re: Hybrid Coil (was Coil Efficiency)

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> If in PSPICE an appropriate capacitor (7.5 nF for my coil) is connected
> across the lower 1/12 of the secondary on a standard coil, then the
> operation of the coil is almost identical to that of a magnifier, according
> to PSPICE.  This is because the K values between the primary and the lower 
> 1/12 of a secondary of a typical coil are around 0.4, whereas coupling to 
> the upper 1/12 may be less than 0.01.  The point where the 7.5nF cap is
> connected defines exactly where the 'tap' is along the secondary.


This "tapping" on a 2 coil system is something I've been wanting to 
try but never did.  Does PSPICE predict an improved performance
when the 7.5nF cap is added to the secondary coil?

John Freau
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